Excerpt From - YARD by YARD

A new work in progress


B.K. Stubblefield

“Dadgummit! Don’t you watch where you’re going, Mister?”

The strawberry-blonde appeared flustered. Reid calmly regarded her judging stare with a scrutinizing look of his own. Corkscrew curls, which had escaped the clasp at the back of her neck, hung loosely around her flushed face. A shapely figure inside jeans, long-sleeve Mossy Oak shirt, and matching rain boots. That get-up was most likely to blame for the flush, but hot damn, it looked good on her.

“I’d say I’m sorry, lady, but I believe it was you who ran into me? He cocked his head. “Maybe you should be the one apologizing?” She'd barely been able to peek over the bag she’d been carrying. What nerve! 

“You saw me coming through that door!” Keira flung her arms up in visible frustration. “Unless you’re not only rude but vision-impaired, too?”

Was she for real? What can only be described as stunned, Reid slid his military-style shades on top of his head.

“Excuse me?” Steel on narrow eyes sliced through the somewhat disheveled woman. He’d been accused of a lot of things, and rightfully so, but being rude to a lady wasn’t one of them. His mother would have his hide. Letting his cool gaze travel from unruly curls to Mossy Oak rain boots, she didn’t appear much of a lady. And dropped that thought immediately.

”You could have stepped aside. But okay… you made your point,” Keira burst out.

“I beg your pardon?” Reid’s tone didn’t hide the rising temper. Keira bent to pick up the heavy sack, but Reid beat her to it. “Allow me to apologize for your mistake and carry this to your car,” he offered, lifting the bag effortlessly in one swift motion.  

Keira squinted her eyes at the annoying sarcasm in his voice but thought better than to respond in kind.

“I don’t need your help, Sir. But thank you just the same.” She flashed him a broad smile, then grabbed the bag from his hands with startling strength. 

The unexpected action took Reid by surprise. What was up her craw? Freckle-face must have a bad day, he concluded. When he answered, he met her smile with a beam of his own, amusement lacing his voice. “You’re welcome, ma’am. Didn’t mean to get your breeches in a bunch.”

Not waiting for a response, he entered the store.