Secrets in Oak Creek

B.K. Stubblefield

'Come discover the lives, lies and & secrets of Oak Creek’  


Her exit is just a few miles ahead; another twenty minutes after that and she’ll finally be home. Home…How strange that sounds, she thinks to herself.

Cars and trucks are passing by fast as she keeps her speed steady to the posted limit. The experience of flashing blue lights pulling her over has taught her to be cautious at this particular stretch of interstate. Driving in the far right lane keeps her from speeding. Whoa…buddy! How about a little distance?

“Get off my butt… will ya?”

A black pickup truck has sped up fast behind her, closing in on her tail. The vehicle looms large and menacing in her rear view mirror.

“What…are you freaking nuts? GET OFF MY ASS!” she shouts as she steps on the gas in an attempt to create more space between them. With rising anger she flips him the bird and watches in horror as the truck then speeds up. Front and rear-end bumpers are within an inch of touching each other.

Frantically checking her rear view mirror, she can’t see the driver’s face but realizes the truck is relentless in its pursuit.

But why?

In sudden fear, Emily’s heart begins pounding rapidly inside her chest. Knuckles turn white as her hands tightly curl around the steering wheel in an effort to brace for what she instinctively knows will come next.

Shiiit… NOO! This is gonna hurt…briefly flashes through her mind. Panic burns in her chest as adrenaline floods her body at the sound of metal crunching.