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Out of the Shadows

Birgit Stubblefield

    How many animal shelters, animal rescue groups, veterinarians, vet-techs, volunteers, animal advocates, volunteers, foster parents and pet adopters are working every single day with passion in their hearts and tears in their eyes to save an animal? An animal whose plight would otherwise be certain death!

     The answer is simple – too many! These are the stories of animals considered to be the “lucky” ones. These are also the stories of their rescuers who have made personal sacrifices and gone the extra mile to save these animals. The happiness and joy they have brought each other goes beyond words.

    Adopt your next pet from your local shelter or rescue organization and make a difference in one animal's life! If you cannot adopt, consider fostering. If you cannot foster, make a donation and keep an animal alive. The love and gratitude a shelter pet can bring into your life cannot be measured in currency!