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Home at Last

Birgit Stubblefield

     When Keira applies for a mortgage loan with Heartland Choice Mortgage, she quickly becomes friends with her loan officer, Kristin. 
As the perfect home comes on the market, Kristin, who just recently moved to this small town, soon butts heads with Keira’s real estate agent.


     A teacher by profession and also a volunteer at Barkville Animal Rescue, Keira draws Kristin into the world of animal rescue. Volunteering at a fundraiser and adoption event, Kristin almost finds herself regretting her decision to participate.

     Throughout the event Keira experiences emotions she was not prepared for. Her feelings for two men so different from each other are confusing. Her patience is tested when approached by a stranger who leaves her unsettled.Will she be confronted with the danger that is lurking in the shadows of the night?